What and Why?

First the What:  I'll be using this blog to write about my adventure of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.  The PCT is a trail that stretches from the California/Mexico border, travels through deserts, dense forests, over high mountain passes, heat, sun, rain and snow for 2,650 miles before hitting the Washington/Canada border.  Each year a few hundred brave souls set out in an attempt to hike it all; some make it some don't.  I'm going to be among those that do.

As for why, I don't really have a perfect answer for that.  Mostly it's just the perfect time in my life to do something like this.  I just recently separated from the Air Force and have nothing but time on my hands.  Growing up I spent a lot of time out in the wilderness; whether camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing or just running around in the woods behind my parents' house.  During my years in the AF I didn't really spend much time in the great outdoors, so this is partly my way of catching up, though 5 months of living out of a backpack may seem to some like overkill.

I'll be starting off on April 20th, by myself.  Surprisingly enough I couldn't convince any friends or family to join me, though I'll probably get some to come along for shorter portions once I hit Oregon.

I just ditched my trusty old flip phone that I've had for over 5 years.  It never did much more than handle phone calls and a rare text message.  I replaced it with a Samgsung smartphone, complete with a slide out keyboard.  It ought to handle all my communication needs, from calls and texts to let the family know I'm still alive, checking the weather for the next leg of the hike, a backup to my gps, email and updating this blog.  I'm going to try to post as often as I get a signal, whether that means writing every day and posting a batch once I've got a signal or making one post to cover the last several days whenever I hit a town.

Currently my goal is to finish up around the first or second week of September.  I've got a wedding to attend in late August which will pull me off the trail for a few days, though there is a possibility of finishing up before that if I hike like crazy.  I'd like to avoid as much fall rain as I can, but I don't really have a deadline for finishing.  If I'm having a great time I may just decide to take it slow.  However long it takes me, I'm certain I am in for a pretty awesome journey.

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  1. Hey brother, I'm so excited you're going to be blogging! And I'm really hoping you write often. When you finish, I think we will have to throw you a big party!! And don't worry, I know that you do not want me joining you for any of the hiking. You know better than anyone that all I would do after about five miles would be to whine or force you to sing songs with me.