Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 45 - Some True Hiking

It feels great to finally be in some real mountains.  We've had tastes here and there; the San Jacintos and a couple smaller ridges that got up high enough to have stretches of big trees.  But this is the real deal.  Day 2 up here and I've already climbed up over 10k' a couple times, with higher to come.  Thankfully, my month and a half of hiking has made the altitude no problem.  The only problem is my majorly heavy pack.

So I've made a small change to my plan.  Instead of setting up for Mt Whitney in 3 days, I've decided to get there in 4.  That'll cut a couple 25 mile days into the 20 I did today and a couple easy 15's.  Or, maybe 20 again tomorrow and 10 the next day, tomorrow will tell.

I made the decision while taking a lunch break today, sitting in the shade at 10k' next to a little stream.  It's for those relaxing moments that I hike, stretched out in the middle of the forested mountains without a worry in the world.  I can see why other thru-hikers seem to be addicted to this.  With my current pack weight and the steep climbs, doing 17-20 miles a day seems much more manageable.  If I had tried to hit the point I originally intended, I wouldn't have gotten a 2-hour break under that tree.  The downtime also let me dry out my sleeping bag which had been encrusted with frost that morning.

So an extra day added, I should still have enough food.  If it looks like I won't make it to Mammoth with what I've got, there is a resort I can stop at just before that.  See?  No worries.

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