Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 4

Got up early from the lodge and started hiking before dawn. Water sources and camping are sparse here so we planned a 26 mile day. Much of the morning was gradual downhill and we cruised through the first 16 fairly quickly. We stopped near a well on a ridge but I didn't stay long, it was windy and fairly cool. I hiked down the trail a half mile and had lunch.
We saw a rattlesnake in the trail. It completely ignored us.
As we left the water/lunch stop, fog from the coast came rolling toward us. We stayed out of it, it just rolled over the top of the ridge and dissapated.
We finished the long day, over 27 miles with the little side trips to water and from the lodge to the trail. Planning to take it easy the next few days, just 15 or so per day.... There are 10 or so of us camped here, we've been seeing each other throughout the last couple days. Feet are pretty sore right now. It's tough to stand up after sitting down for a min or more.

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