Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 9

Steve, Single Malt (Steve's friend Todd) and I got up around 5:30 to pack up and head back to Warner Springs.  Kick Off goes on another day but Single Malt needs to get some hiking in before returning home next week.  I considered staying another day and trying to find a ride back on my own, there'd probably be a few folks willing to take me back.  But I decided to go back now.  Back to back "nero", day of only a little hiking,and "zero", day of no hiking, had me pretty well rested, feet recovered and blisters healed.

By the time we got back to Warner, repacked our stuff and were ready to go it was nearly 10:00.  I stopped around noon to make lunch and dry my tent.  It was cold at the lake the night before and condensation had soaked my tent.  I had moved it to the outside of my pack because it was dripping out the bottom of my pack as I hiked.  In the sun it dried pretty quick though.

There were only a few people on the trail today, one guy on a bike, though bikes aren't allowed on the PCT.  I heard from someone later he was asking for directions, had gotten too far in and it was getting dark.  The options today were pretty much keep going or go back the way you came.  The trail eventually crossed a dirt road, hope he made it somewhere.

We turned off the trail at the road and walked a quarter mile up to a trail angel's house, owned by a guy named Mike.  He has a big water tank and let's hikers camp in his field.  There's even a bunk house somewhere around here.  I'm in my tent and saw I had service.  I'm going to write more about kickoff later.  18 miles today, mile 127, feet are sore once more.  But I had mac and cheese with a ton of tuna for dinner, so I'll be ok.

Hiked through some decent trees while we were along the creek. Here's where I had lunch.

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