Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 7

Thursday morning we slept in a little since it was still sprinkling some.  We had less than 5 miles to go until Warner Springs.  The trail went through more cow fields then into some trees and followed a stream.  While going through the fields the sun came out.  It was pretty beautiful, wish I hadn't burried my camera and phone so deep in my pack.

In Warner Springs we walked to the post office and I got the box I'd sent myself.  Then a guy gave us a ride a mile up the road to a community center.  Some volunteers have a PCT rest area set up in there.  There are a few computers, they cook pancakes and hamburgers and have a small store.  I didn't need to buy anything since I got my box, but I did have a burger.

We met Steve's friend Todd there.  They planned on driving back to the Kickoff weekend at Lake Morena back at mile 20.  They had offered me a ride and I decided to go, both to see what Kickoff was like and to get a day off hiking.  We'll be there Thursday afternoon through Saturday early morning.

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  1. Go Daniel! I'm really enjoying reading about your adventure. Keep it up!