Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 103-104

I finished up the long, dry section of Oregon hiking around Mt Thielsen to a creek, seeing some good views of Mt Bailey and Diamond Lake along the way.  I found a bit of snow along the north side of the mountain, but not as much as there was around Diamond Peak the next day.  I hiked up the side of Diamond Peak in the evening and camped near a large stream that was mostly covered in snow.  I was up near the treeline.  Most trees were fairly short or broken off due to frequent avalanches in the area.  Along the creek was a small rise that seems to survive the avalanches because the trees were much bigger.  It would have been a great camping spot if not for the mosquitos.  They were thick and ferocious, worse than anywhere else along the trail so far.  I made a fire, which I hardly ever take the time to do just so I could stand in the smoke to try and drive the mosquitos away.  It didn't work very well; DEET, smoke, sun and slapping couldn't drive them away, so I just went to bed with 100 of them buzzing around my head just outside the bug netting.
Crescent Lake

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