Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 130-131 - On The Trail Again

Dad drove me back up to White Pass first thing Monday morning (Thanks dad!).  We stopped for lunch in Packwood and reached the trailhead a little before 1:00.  I hiked about 16 miles, and went to bed feeling sore, likely thanks to 4 days without hiking and the 5 hour drive.

Tuesday was fairly cloudy in the morning, with the sun or blue sky breaking through here and there.  I reached Dewey Lake around late morning without seeing any other hikers.  But in the several miles between there and Hwy 410 I saw 60-70, starting with a group of 15 or so kids.  A few hikers were backpacking, but most were just in for the day.  The sky cleared up and it was a perfect day for hiking.  Still, it was more hikers than I've seen any other day this whole trip.  And on a Tuesday, no less.

There were more hikers on the other side of the highway, though not as many.  And after a few miles I was all alone again. And the clouds came back.  It was similar to the clouds from the week before.  They were building up on the West side of the ridge and spilling over the top as the trail followed the crest.  Sometimes I was walking in dense fog.  Then the trail would switch to the East side of the ridge and it'd be gone, overcast but I could see for miles with bits of blue sky in the distance.  I set up my tent in a cluster of trees, had dinner and got into bed as a few small raindrops started falling. I hiked about 26 miles, 10 more than the day before, and didn't feel nearly as sore or tired.

Excellent scenery all day with huge valleys and rocky ridges all around. Lots of elk tracks and some very freshly rubbed trees along the trail, but I still haven't seen one. Had a couple good views of the base of Mt Rainier, but the top was all cloudy.

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  1. Must be a little eerie walking the trail in the fog. Sure beautiful scenery.