Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 107-109 - More Lakes and Mountains

Saturday morning mon and dad drove me back up to the trailhead along highway 58. A few miles up the trail it goes past the Rosary Lakes. There was also a very nice ski shelter a few miles further that could be a fun place to stay in the winter. It had a woodstove and a ladder that led to a loft.
On Sunday I planned on stopping at a lake in the afternoon. About the time I got there some clouds rolled in and it was overcast during my swimming break. After all the constantly sunny days I've had on this trip I'm not sure why it has to get cloudy during one of my rare swims. By the time my clothes dried out and I was ready to keep hiking, the sun came back out.

That evening I found Opus, who I hadn't seen since just before the Sierras. We had dinner at a lake, watching clouds pile up and listening to distant thunder. He went off to get a few more miles in. I did about 2-3 before a few raindrops started falling. I was trying to find a good spot to camp, but after it started seriously raining I just wanted to find a somewhat flat, smooth spot. I found an acceptable place, threw all my food and gear into a big trash bag and set up my tent without getting anything too wet, just my clothes.

The next day I hiked past the South Sister, here are some pictures.
Mt Bachelor (before it got smokey)
Sisters Mirror Lake
By late morning Mt Bachelor was shrouded in smoke from small fires started by last night's lightning.
Obsidian Falls
I ate dinner above Obsidian Falls but had to hike out of the area because I don't think we're supposed to camp in the area. I ended up watching a great sunset from a switchback on the trail then setting up my tent in the dark a bit further down the hill.

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  1. Well, leave it to Oregon to give you a good rain shower. Great pictures. Oregon is beautiful. Is this that wonderful stretch of Oregon that is relatively flat?