Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 105-106 - Odell Lake

I hustled off Diamond Peak, being chased by mosquitos the whole way down. The first few miles were across lots of snow. I got down close to Odell Lake and took a side trail to a road leading to the Shelter Cove Resort. Mom and dad arrived at the campground a short time later. We set up camp and went out fishing for a little while. The next day was more fishing and relaxing around camp. We went over to the other end of the lake for lunch.
After lunch we went back to Shelter Cove to look for other hikers to invite to dinner. Most wanted to keep hiking but we got one interested. After more fishing we came back for dinner. We only got a couple small fish, but they made decent appetizers.

1 comment:

  1. It was great spending a couple of days with you at Odell. It was a good idea to bring the boat even if the fishing was terrible. You managed to be the only one to catch any fish and the couple we could keep were tasty little morsels. The views were amazing and it provided opportunity to just relax.