Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 134 - Snoqualmie Pass

Friday started out with 5 miles down into Snoqualmie Pass.  The pass has a ski lodge, an inn/restaurant and a tiny grocery store as well as some houses and other less interesting places.  I got breakfast with another hiker named Scrambled Legs, then picked up some food at the store.  I typed on the blog some, ended up hanging around until lunchtime and got lunch at the ski lodge.

The hike out was up into a steep valley where it looked like the sides would make it a dead end.  But somehow, after a couple hours of hiking, the trail made it up to the top of the ridge. After winding along the top of the ridge for a while, with excelent views the whole way, I stopped on a saddle with a great view of Mt Rainier.

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