Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 132-133 - Up And Down And Up And Down And So On

Wednesday morning I woke to an elk bugling not far off.  It wasn't quite light yet so I didn't get up to look for him.  It hadn't rained during the night, but the clouds and fog were still around.  The bushes along the trail were soaked and I was pretty wet from the knees down most of the morning and afternoon. Lots of up and down and several big clearcut areas. Around 5:00 or so the clouds broke up and it was back to blue skies.
It was supposed to be cloudy on Thursday as well, but it sure wasn't. Though there were some soggy bushes in places.


  1. Ah, blue sky! I haven't seen blue sky since before school started last week. No wonder we are the St. Michael Storm.

    1. The weather on this whole trip has been amazing, blue sky almost every day, only had rain while hiking one evening and just a few other times at night. I was counting days with anything more than a small, distant cloud and only had 5 or so well into Oregon. There were definately more clouds in Washington, but I don't think there were any days where the sky wasn't pretty much clear at some point during the day. Even days that started out overcast and foggy.