Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 142 - The End Is Near(er)

I've hiked nearly 2600 miles and shared all the good views along the way while everyone reading this hasn't had to hike at all (well, a few have). That hardly seems fair. So on that note, you don't get to see this view in the north Cascades.
I left the camping area early Saturday morning, after 4.5 months of hiking I was ready to be done. Actually I'd been feeling like that since mid-Oregon. But now the end is nearly in sight and Canada is calling my name. With 90 miles to go I planned on 3 or 4 days to Manning Park in Canada, depending on the terrain, weather and, of course, my feet.
The hike was fairly gentle for the first 10 or so miles, winding slowly up a valley before crossing a highway. It eventually climbed back up from the low elevation around Stehekin into big mountains and glacier-shaped valleys. There were day hikers and other backpackers here and there, enjoying the great weather.

I'd read blogs and stories from hikers in years past who had tons of rain when hiking through Washington in September. My guidbook suggested planning on staying in a hotel during each Washington town stop in order to dry out your gear and have a night out of the rain. But I think I did the trail during the right year and may just make it through without any of the sort of weather those other hikers experienced.
I reached a saddle after walking a couple miles along the side of a large valley and camped in a flat, open area. I did 30 miles, finishing around 7:30 or so, feeling good about my chances of doing 2 more 30-mile days to finish off the trail.

Ok, fine, here's that view from earlier...

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  1. Magnificent view! I really would like to do portions of this trail. Even though all of it has been beautiful there is no way I can hike over 2660 miles!