Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 137-138 - Skykomish

You know you're getting close to civilization when you start seeing ski lifts.
The PCT comes up the back of a ski resort at Stevens Pass. I arrived around mid-morning. In the parking lot I met several ladies who had just finished hiking for a few days in the same area I was in. They offered me a ride down to Skykomish which saved me from having to hitch a ride on the highway.

At the inn where I got a room I met Steve and Alice, a couple I hadn't seen since before the Sierras in southern California. Steve mentioned seeing a couple other hikers I knew who went further down the highway to stay with some trail angles in the next town. I had lunch at a deli/store and bought food for the next section, and some ice cream, and dinner at the inn's restaurant.

The next morning I went back to the highway. It goes right by the deli. John Wayne (the Israeli hiker, not the actor) was there trying to get a ride. I joined him for a bit and we were soon joined by Steve and Alice. The 4 of us took turns holding the sign and talked about what sort of vehicles we'd take rides in; backs of pick-up, RVs, in a boat on a trailer, on a flatbed, squished in the back of a sports car and so on. Despite our willingness to take anything at all, no one was stopping. We got some waves, truckers honking, "sorry" shrugs from people going only a short way up the road and the occassional "look away" (where the driver sees you, then intentionally stares the other direction).

We finally decided that 4 of us on the side of the road together may be hurting our chances. Steve and Alice went back to the deli while John Wayne and I kept trying. A short time later it was Steve and Alice who scored us a ride after talking to a guy who stopped at the deli. He had room for all 4 of us and was headed to the ski resort. It turns out he was actually the owner of the resort. He also owns another in Wrightwood, CA. The trail goes through that one as well. We went through it a few months ago; he said he was there just that morning. Flying is sure a lot faster than hiking.

We made it back to the trail around 12:00. We all had fairly similar plans for the next few days, but with the late start due to the time it took to get a ride we were going to have to hustle. I did about 22 miles before dark and camped near a creek. After I went to bed I heard Steve and Alice show up, hiking by headlamp. Up next, Glacier Peak. It had some clouds around it during the day but cleared up that evening.

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  1. Your difficulty getting rides makes me want to be a little more observant of and sympathetic towards PCT hikers by giving them a ride -- not that I am near the PCT that much anyway. You sure covered a lot of miles that afternoon and evening.