Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bonus Post - Food

To make up for not posting for over a week, here's the first bonus post!

Some may be wondering what sort of food I've been eating while on this hike, so here's a picture.
And all nicely packed up in a breakfast/lunch bag and a dinner bag.
This is the food I bought in Mojave, enough for 6-7 days for the 140 miles section before reaching Kennedy Meadows.  It's fairly typical of what I've had this whole trip so far, haven't gotten tired of anything yet, just oatmeal because I'm finding it easier to not have to cook in the morning.  And instant oatmeal just isn't any good at all with cold water, I've tried...

Breakfast this week will be 2 Pop Tarts and a Snickers Bar.  I like to eat the Snickers early because they tend to melt during the day.  In the morning they're back to a manageable state, just a little mushed looking.  That comes out to about 680 calories, with a lot of sugar to get me going.

Lunch will consist of snacking throughout the day.  I'll have a bag of nuts, Corn Nuts or sunflower seeds, a granola bar, a Clif Bar and a Power Bar, and either a packet of Ramen noodles (cooked or dry) or a peanut butter and honey tortilla or two.  Maybe some jerky, chips or crackers.  In all, about 1500-1800 calories between breakfast and dinner.

Dinner will be instant Idahoan potatos with chunks of Tillamook cheese (good to be back on the west coast!), mac and cheese with a packet of tuna or salmon, or a couple packages of Ramen with tuna.  I also got one bag of tortallini and some alfredo sauce mix.  I'll have to beg some instant milk off someone I think since I'm all out.  Usually I'd have a summer sausage to chop up in whatever I'm eating for some extra fat and protein, forgot to get one though.  Dinner should be about 700-800 calories.

Daily total looks like around 3000-3300 calories.  It's really not the most balanced diet, but it's high calories and low weight.  Probably still fewer calories than I need, but it's been enough to keep me hiking all day without feeling tired and hungry (not too hungry anyway). I can tell I've lost some weight and I've never had much to spare.  I could probably double up on Snickers bars or something.  I've also got some olive oil coming with my food box to Kennedy Meadows.  That's an easy way to add a few hundred calories to a pot of potatoes or Ramen.  Hiker food is like an anti-diet at times.

And yes, I do brush my teeth.

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  1. After a few days on hiker's food I see why you'd walk (or hitchhike) an extra mile for a cheeseburger, French fries and chili dog. I was wondering what you ate on the trail so thanks for this post.