Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 20 - On The Trail Again

This morning there wasn't as much traffic headed up the highway as I thought there would be.  So rather than try to hitch, I just started walking.  It's about 4-5 miles back up to the trail.  But fortunately, a truck pulled over after a couple miles and gave me a ride the rest of the way.  I started up again, feeling the weight of all the food I got, at about 9:00.

I stopped for lunch with Dayhiker and Stride, two more hikers I met around Ziggy and the Bear's.  They had stayed a couple nights at the hostel in Big Bear Lake, a few miles from where I was in Big Bear City.

Despite starting late I managed to fit in a whole day of hiking, getting close to 20 miles in.  I camped near a decent sized creek.  As I walked up to it I saw a few fish zoom away.  So after setting up camp and eating dinner I made a pole using a willow stick and a hook and line I brought.  Got a couple quick bites on a piece of summer sausage and one on a bit of gummy candy, but couldn't hook anything.  Could be my pole wasn't long enough, I'll use a 12 footer next time.  Or my salmon-sized hooks were too big, probably need super tiny hooks for these minnows.   They were going after bugs on the surface too, so it was probably not summer sausage time.  I'll think up more excuses of why I didn't catch anything tomorrow.


  1. hehe, what time do the fish usually go for summer sausage? :P

  2. Usually in the late-mid-morning bite and the early-late-morning bite.