Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 32 and 33

I made an early exit from the Anderson's.  Some hikers get sucked into the "vortex" and stay 3-4 days.  But I wanted to get moving again.  I ended up staying at an old campground off the trail a half mile or so.  The trail down to it was not marked well; my GPS got me down to it though.  A couple other hikers that showed up there later had gone way past it and had to backtrack almost 2 miles.

The next day the trail went down out of the mountains.  I met back up with Stride and a few other hikers I'd met.  We dropped down into the start of a long flat section that goes through the Mojave desert.  We stayed the night at Hikertown, a trail angel who has a western style town set up on his property.  There were several more hikers hanging out in the garage, some who planned on hiking out that evening to walk through the night.  Some hikers do this part at night to avoid the heat, but the weather was looking like it'd be more windy than hot.  I made dinner, had a shower and slept on a couch in a little house.

Here's one of the water sources, it was a large concrete tank, used to refill fire trucks.  After swirling away the junk floating on the surface, the water was actually fairly clean.

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