Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 21 - Swimming

Did some hiking today.  Not much exictement so here are some pictures.
About 10 miles of following Deep Creek led us to some hot springs.  I'd been hiking with Dayhiker and Slide.  There is a dirt road that goes into the springs so we knew there may be some people around.  We also knew the springs were "clothing optional".  So, sparing the details, we went just past the spring and found a nice spot along the creek.  The creek is fairly large, so after setting up camp we did a bit of swimming; got our laundry done at the same time.


  1. are either of those snakes rattlers? ... Miss you Dan Dan!! I was thinking about you the other day, Sam and I got out the legos. hehe. I was bragging up your lego crafting skills and showed him your lego Mario.
    It's fun to follow your trip. :) Keep it up!


  2. The one in the shade is. I've seen 4 rattlesnakes and that is the only one that has rattled at me. Not sure what the other snake is. Can't really tell from the picture, but it was at least 4 feet long.

    1. *shiver* I think I would freak out