Thursday, May 31, 2012

Service At Last

At Tom's place in Kennedy Meadows I've finally got a wireless signal, no cell service though.  So I tossed up all the blog posts for the last couple weeks.  It looks like I've even managed to get them up in the right order.  You'll have to look back through a couple pages of posts to see all the new ones.

Kennedy Meadows marks the end of the deserts of Southern California and the start of the Sierras.  I'll likely not get decent service again for a couple weeks, when I reach the other end of the mountains.


  1. Hope your box arrived and there were no complications with the signature. Now you have new socks and more instant oatmeal to fix with cold water.:{ Your pack just gained quite a few more pounds with the bear canister. How are the new shoes? Hope you don't have to return them. I'll miss not hearing from you for the duration of the hike through the Sierras. Hope the trail is good before you.

    1. The box made it just fine. My shoes also showed up yesterday evening, they feel pretty good. I should get a plan set for my food today, then I'll be able to pack everything and see how miserably heavy my pack will be for the next several days.