Monday, May 21, 2012

Days 30 and 31 - The Leisure Continues

On Saturday I planned on leaving the Saufley's in the morning, however it was getting hot fast. I kept hanging around and finally decided I wasn't leaving until later that afternoon. I got a ride out to the trailhead around 4 and had about 8-9 miles until hitting a cache where I hoped I'd also find a camping spot. I did find a pretty good one, right in between a couple huge poison oak bushes.

The next morning I set out for the Anderson's, another trail angels' house also known as Casa de Luna. It's more of a party hangout spot. On the way there I stopped at another cache run by the Andersons. It was set up in a rare cluster of trees among miles of thick bushes.
Another couple hours of hiking got me to Casa de Luna. Most of the afternoon and evening was spent lounging on the chairs and couches in their driveway. There was a large wooded area behind their house for camping. They made a big dinner for everyone, taco salad, easily the best food I've had on the trail so far. I had a big plate covered in chips, beans, meat, lettuce, onions, nacho cheese and jalapenos. I felt full after one plate, but had a second because it was so good.
This evening was the solar eclipse. Opus managed to get a makeshift eclipse viewer working pretty well. It saved us from having to stare at the sun to see it. The sky was noticeably darker for what time it was, though the sun itself was still very bright. I hope the weather allowed for some viewing of it in Oregon. If not, I think you'll get another chance in 16 years or so.

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  1. I had heard about the eclipse but it was mostly overcast in the Eugene area so at 5pm as we were driving home from Sara's I didn't think to look for the sun. Apparently some people were persistent and got a glimpse of the eclipse and some good pictures.