Monday, July 23, 2012

Bonus Post - Oregon

I've heard of something referred to as the Oregon Challenge (it may have a different name), completing the Oregon part of the PCT in 2 weeks.  That's an average of about 32 miles per day.  Tempting to have an ambitious goal, but I think I'll pass on it and go slow instead.  After all, it's Oregon.  Plus, it's day 2 in Oregon already, I only did 9 miles today, I'm 2 plates into a bottomless spaghetti dinner and stumbling down to the yard behind Callahan's to set up camp is about all I'll be able to handle after #3... until bottomless pancakes tomorrow for breakfast.  I'm finding restaurant stops mentioned in my trail guidebook that I didn't notice when browsing it while planning this trip.  I've also got family coming to meet me in a few places so far.  I think Oregon will be closer to 4 weeks.

First up is hiking from Fish Lake to Crater Lake with Jonathan this weekend.  I may take a side trip over to Diamond Lake on Monday (30th).  Then Odell Lake the following Thursday (2nd).  I'll hit Highway 22 to Sisters on the 6th or 7th and Timberline Lodge on the 12th to hike with Rachel and Laura for the last few days of Oregon.

I'll have a couple days to kill in there between Crater Lake and Timberline, may take a day off at Odell.  It'd be good to have someone join me for Sisters so I can skip hitching in and out on Hwy 22.  Or anywhere else, I have a bit of flexibility.  If I were doing 32 miles a day the best you could hope for is to stand along the trail and wave as I go by.  That doesn't sound like much fun.


  1. Well maybe the Oregon Challenge can happen another year. Your family is all looking forward to spending some time with you on the trail -- we are going to try to get the trail experience without the 25-30 miles a day. How about changing up your diet with some fish from Odell Lake? I agree, waving from the Willamette Pass or Santiam Pass just wouldn't be fun.

  2. I'm glad you decided not to do the Oregon Challenge. There's no way Rachel and I could have kept up. ;) I'm excited to hike with you. And I'm sure I'll see you sometime before that. :)