Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 94 - Hellooooo Oregon!!!

Just over three months; 1698 miles of the PCT and California is behind me.  Expansive desert, dry mountains, huge mountains, forested hills, meadows and volcanic peaks.  In all, California could probably make a strong claim of having the most varied terrain of any state.  Not surprising, considering how big it is.  Hard to imagine it'd take three months to walk from end to end when the plane ride that took me that whole length and more lasted only a few hours.
Some days are like Saturday, where I feel sluggish all day and can't get going.  But the rest are like Sunday, where I can just charge ahead all day with fewer stops.  The weather was a bit cooler, and I had the Oregon border to motivate my morning.  I reached it at about 10 am.  There are a few signs and a register box.  Usually the register is a notebook but the book was filled up last year and hasn't been replaced.  So hikers are just leaving notes on scraps of paper.  At least there's a box to keep them all together.
I met a few hikers that afternoon. One was on a training hike, getting ready to do all of Oregon and another couple just started their Oregon hike. I caught up with G-Man at a soda cache for a nice welcome-to-Oregon drink. We found a second one later that evening. Trail magic had begun to get a bit rare compared to how it was in Southern California. Hopefully it keeps up.

The trail has been crossing a lot of fairly open areas, brush and meadow covered hillsides. It hasn't been hot enough to be uncomfortable, so the views provided have been great.
G-Man and I stopped about 9 miles short of crossing I-5; planning on an easy day tomorrow with a long stop at Callahan's Lodge. I've got enough food that I can skip going into Ashland.


  1. Hurrah! Welcome to Oregon. Does it feel like you have come home? Seems like Oregon could at least get a new notebook in the register.

  2. WOOHOOO! Oregon!! I bet it feels good to know that you are done with California. I never really realized just how much bigger it is than Oregon and Washington. Looks like Oregon was nice enough to great you with some nice weather and great views. :)