Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 63-66 - South Lake Tahoe

Thursday and Friday were both pretty uneventful.  I had caught up with Gray Wolf, a hiker I met back in Kennedy Meadows and the Sierras.  His girlfriend was coming out to meet him in South Lake Tahoe for a couple days.  I was planning on getting real close to there, just a few miles out from Echo Lake, which is up the highway from South Lake Tahoe, then doing a short hiking day followed by a zero.  Wolf said he could give me a ride when his girlfriend came up on Saturday.  They ended up meeting in Echo Lake Friday evening, while I camped just a mile or so outside town, wondering where he'd gone.  They came back up the next morning to get some boxes he'd mailed to the post office there, and I got a ride down with them then.

I got a hotel room, a shower, some Thai food, DEET and stove fuel at an outfitter and took the bus to Safeway for more food. The outfitter takes pictures of all the PCT hikers coming through and posts them on their website,

South Lake Tahoe is quite a bit larger than most of the towns I had stopped in so far.  It seems to have two major draws, the lake and the casinos right across the border in Nevada.  I didn't spend any time at the lake but I did visit the all-you-can-eat buffet at one of the casinos.
Saturday morning was a bit cloudy, cold and windy at Echo Lake, the weather was a lot nicer down in Tahoe.

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