Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 78-80 - Cool Cave, Hot Hiking

Friday morning I considered walking back to Drakesbad Ranch for breakfast, but decided to get started down the trail towards Old Station so I could get there before the store closed.  I got my food out of the bear box (there was one at each site at the campground) and noticed a mouse had nibbled on some of my tortillas.  So much for food being safe inside a big metal box.

I found Bird Nut and Basa at the store in Old Staion later that day.  I got a few snacks and went a bit farther on the trail to camp.  The others were taking a day off there.  The next morning I slept in a bit then hiked a couple miles to a cafe for breakfast, a huge plate of corned beef hash and 2 big pancakes.  I staggered down the highway about a half mile to Subway Cave.

The cave is an old lava tube, running horizontally for about 1/3 of a mile under 30-40 feet of rock.  It was quite a bit cooler inside, about 45 degrees, a nice change from the heat outside.
After walking through the cave I hung out in the shade near some tables until late afternoon.  Coming up on the trail was Hat Creek Rim, a dry, exposed ridge that can be as hot as the desert sections in Southern California, with no water for almost 30 miles.  I hiked until midnight and cowboy camped in the middle of an old road. The next morning I finished the rest of the ridge by noon or so but it was pretty hot with not much shade down in the valley.
I had lunch at a small creek just before a lake with a fish hatchery nearby. I didn't stay long though. Again, I wanted to get to the next store before closing, one at Burney Falls campground. Yeah, the waterfall was nice, but the store had ice cream.


  1. The caves remind me of the one near Bend. We all thought it was pretty funny that with such a gorgeous falls to absorb your thoughts and weariness, you were thinking about ice cream :)We have noticed that most of your comments are about food. Rachel said that at her wedding she'll be saying, "Oh yeah, that's my brother over there. He's always eating!"

  2. Looks like you have had some awesome scenery recently! It's crazy how you go from caves to deserty ridge to huge waterfall in just a few days. Hope you enjoyed your ice cream. :P

  3. Wow - I just realized that if I click on the picture it gets bigger and I can view all the pictures for this post as a slideshow. It's scary how 'techie' I am :P