Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 77 - Some Volcanic Activity

On Thursday I got another ride to the trail with Piper's Mom. We added a few more drinks and fruit to the coolers. That afternoon I entered Lassen Volcanic National Park. About a half mile off the trail that evening I got a close up look at a geyser, Terminal Geyser. I'm not sure if it ever erupts like some do, I hope not, I got pretty close to it. It was pumping out a lot of steam though and had a hot spring flowing out of it.
A couple miles further on was Boiling Springs Lake. There were some steam vents and hot springs bubbling up at one end of the lake. Out in the middle of the lake itself you could see more steam bubbling out.
Another mile or so past the lake is Drakesbad Guest Ranch. I saw another bear on the way there. At the ranch I found Bird Nut and Basa. We took a table outside the lodge and waited for some dinner. The folks that run the ranch are very nice to hikers. After the ranch guests had their dinner we got our plates at half price. The food was fantastic, I even took a picture of it.
After dinner I borrowed a towel and went over to the hot springs heated pool and soaked until after dark. There's a campground 1/4 mile up the road I stayed at that night.

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  1. Looks like you were walking through the land after an alien attack (referring to last post). Meals at half price and free towels - people are really generous toward the hikers. We are all planning with our calendars when we will get to meet you on the trail.