Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 98 - Fish Lake

I left the cabin and the grass around it to a few deer who seemed to have no problem with me being there.  A couple grazed withing 15 feet of me as I pumped some water.  I arrived at the trail leading to Fish Lake at about 10:30.  The trail is so wide, flat and manicured you could probably push a wheelchair down it with no problem.  Two miles later I was at the lake resort which includes a restaurant, store, cabins, dock and a campground.  I had lunch, then joined Rob and Barb at the cabin they had rented for the night.  They invited me to come take a shower, do laundry and hang out until Dad and Jon arrived.  I helped Rob get Halfmile's trail waypoints loaded onto his GPS, then we went back to the restaurant for some appetizers before dinner.  Dad and Jon arrived around 6:00, we ate some burgers then got a campsite for the night.

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